Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All is vanity

     Recently, I wrote about wearing makeup . Today, even though I am in the middle of my poorest two months of the year, I went to the store and bought hair dye. Sadly, not the good stuff; the cheap stuff, but which is still better than nothing.
     Tomorrow I have appointments with both my regular doctor and a dietician to see if I can get a step closer to being well. I have grey roots showing. While I'm positive neither health care professional would care, I feel I'm in a position of needing to advocate for myself, and it will be easier for me if I feel my best and strongest. Yes, I am vain enough that covering my grey and looking young makes me feel stronger. Call it my own kind of courage in a bottle ( and it lasts longer than alcohol!) 

     My husband and our two sons got their yearly haircut yesterday. prior to his haircut, the DM complained that he'd been carded buying hard cider. "It's this long hair, makes me look too youthful" I confess I can't wrap my mind around that complaint. On the very rare occasions when I buy alcohol, I make sure to shop at a store where the cashiers DON'T know me, and without my kids, because I'm upset if they DON'T card me.
     Yes, I know I'm buying into a mindset the cosmetics industry wants me to buy into. But it's a fact that I feel more confident when I look young, put on a little make up, and wear something at least put together enough that people don't think I just rolled out of bed. 


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