Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My jaded view on gifting

I have become jaded about gift giving ( and truth be told, receiving). I used to love the idea of looking for a creative, thoughtful gift, hopefully at a bargain. When my kids started asking to get their friends Game Stop cards I resisted. With growing kids and the economy, I now embrace the gift list and the gift card. I don't try to be creative. I don't buy clothes for them because I *think* they will like them, I don't buy books I think they ought to read... I buy stuff on their wish lists and for my older two, Tracphone cards. The clothes get rejected and the books go unread. Same with my husband.
For years he wanted the board game Rune Wars. I finally got it for him last Christmas, despite the fact that it's $100 and I had no clue who he would play it with (in other words, I had no interest).  He got it out, and  played part of one game. Then he bought an Xbox, and for our anniversary I got him Skyrim. He IS enjoying it. He asked for a $100 Star Trek Xbox game for his birthday, but I don't see myself getting it ( especially since his birthday is Saturday and I refuse to pay extra to have things shipped faster ) . Given how the last $100 game went over, and that he is still so enamoured of Skyrim that he doesn't even bother to watch the DVDs he asked me to put on my Netflix queue for him, I'll wait until Christmas. (and drop"The Six Billion Dollar Man" to the bottom of my queue ).
I know that some people will think this makes me a bad person, because "it's the thought that counts". But I like neither to waste money on a gift- I want people to USE what I get them- nor to feel guilty if I don't enjoy the gift someone got me.


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