Monday, January 23, 2012

Three things the power outage reminded me of

Number One: I hate being too broke to have mobile web. Having a netbook that I could take down to Starbucks is nice, yes; but it's not a smart phone. I don't think there's any thing that money can buy that I want more. When our life situation is such that I return to full time paid work, that will be my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. My phone will do EVERYTHING phones can do at that point in time no matter what percentage of my paycheck it takes.
Number Two: This is why I don't go camping. I really don't believe my husband when he says that if I CHOOSE to go without hot running water, heat, light, a working oven and WI-FI for a couple of days it will be " fun". Having those things is fun, not having them is not-fun.
Number Three : A successful marriage is not really about the romance. Sure, flowers and jewelry are nice if you're into that (I'm not, personally) and I DO like a dinner out, but that's just the sprinkles. It's not even the icing. Real love, real success, lies int he ability for you and your spouse to dig wet firewood out from under a snow bank because you have no heat, clean up the dead fallen branches together, and break up ice and shovel the walk and driveway as a team. If you can't find the romance and happy in that, not only may you be with the wrong person, but it's very likely you won't be happy with anyone.


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