Sunday, January 29, 2012

A closet in order

You all know I like order. Not only that, I find creating order therapeutic. Further than that, I find getting rid of things lightens my soul. Why pay a therapist when I can sort through my closet for things I haven't worn in a year and make a Goodwill run?
Yet it seems I am always in a vicious circle. Clear closets. Take 7 bags to the care and share table at my MOPS group, or to a thrift store. Then, stop in and find a cute sweater I can't resist. (then there are hand me downs for kids,too)
It's harder now that I've gotten in shape. I'm now at a size I can be happy at indefinitely (4, for those curious but too polite to ask). When I buy an item of clothing, it will fir for the long haul, not just til I lose another 15 pounds. So I should stop buying, right? Between Christmas and this past week, I kind of went nuts rewarding myself for my progress ( better than eating a cake and LOSING my progress, right?) . I got an Easter dress, which none of my bras fit under. I got pants . I got sweaters. I have enough jeans to last a week (even though I only wear them once before watching, enough pants for another week, enough BLACK sweaters for a week, enough other sweaters for another week... you get the picture. If I wore all the shoes I own into the ground, they might last until all I need is slippers for shuffling round the nursing home. The last thing I got was a tiny denim miniskirt. Hey, it was $3, and I can TOTALLY ROCK IT. I have NO IDEA where I will wear it, even with thick leggings. So now, I must be done until shorts weather, when I will gleefully discard all the shorts that don't fit and hear to the thrift store. And but a NEW swimsuit...not just new to me. Except, ComicCon is coming up,and my costume really needs a swirly black cape-that doesn't count, does it?


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