Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The arts. So hard. Again.

If you follow me, you know that for years we have used a charter school. The main reason I use it is to get fine arts classes paid for, and last year's budget cuts severely curtailed that. We can get one class per week each in fine arts and in PE , for a duration of up to 2 hours. Funding ends May 31, so any classes after that come out of pocket. Last year, we learnt this in May and had to pull Turbo's June dance out of our already thin budget.
This year Turbo is in tap/ballet and Gothgrrl is in art classes. She has REALLY blossomed there. I went into this year knowing I would need to account for Turbo's Nutcracker and costume fees, plus one month of dance class. I've still got about $200 I will need to come up with by June- which was in the plan and hopefully most of it will come from  the always good Lenten paychecks (because we have more services and I work more hours). But I just found out yesterday that the school will only pay for 16 of Gothgrrls's art classes, of which she's already been to 7. This leaves me with night on 4 months plus supplies to account for.
This is on top of expenses related to the bell choirs they are both in, including a 2014 trip to Korea for the girl.
 So folks, if you want to support the arts, please remember that I sell truffles and Jayne hats ( and other random hats that are fast and easy). I've got an authenticated prop from the movie ST:Nemesis I am going to look into selling. I'm not ashamed to say I'd take paypal if it keeps my kids involved int he fine arts.( cymoril3 at yahoo dot com) But most of all, share the fine arts with your kids or ones you know!


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I wish it was easier.


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