Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy Holiday Shopping

 I know I'm not the only person to observe Black Friday today by writing a blog post about NOT shopping. But I think this year, more than ever, it's important to put out the word about occupying our holiday shopping.
I have been celebrating "Buy Nothing Day" for years now. I have felt that it's important to not buy into consumerist frenzy and  the  "selling" of Christmas. It's also nice not to get trampled or pepper sprayed.  But this fall we have seen our economic crisis come to an explosive point, and I think that makes it even more important for us to think about what the way we spend our money does for our society. (not to mention the third world workers who were almost surely exploited to mass produce you flimsy, environmentally  damaging "killer deal")
I support the Occupy protesters, as they put an important public face on what's wrong with our economy. But the real change will be in the everyday.
What can you do TODAY to support the 99% rather than the 1%?

You can buy nothing This one is pretty easy. Stay home, eat pie, watch movies with your loved ones...relaxing!

Buy Local  Shop at local, independently owned businesses instead of chain stores. Don't worry, many of them will have Black Friday sales too.

Pay cash If you really want to occupy, don't buy anything on credit. Cutting up your credit cards and only paying for what you can afford may be tied for the number one thing you can do to cut the knees out from under the 1%.

Fire your bank If you haven't already, switch all your money from banks to credit unions ( and use the move as an opportunity to trade in your  credit card for a debit card)

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