Monday, September 19, 2011

Faleo (very TMI)

I must be doing something wrong.

For most of the 6-ish months I have been doing paleo, I've felt great. All my arthritis symptoms gone. No asthma. Body reshaping, although I have only dropped a few pounds. I have felt fantastic and full of energy.
Then, my last period. I always get constipated at that time, so nothing unusual. But when my period was over I still couldn't poop. It took a couple days of pushing water, fruit and Vit C every couple hours to have a poop.
Now, this month. Last day of period, Friday. By Sunday I had not pooped since the day before my period. Now one  thing I will say about what my lifestyle has done for my periods....they are shorter (5 days instead of 6-8) but more intense. I also don't have the hormonal swings so severely- and that includes almost none of the hot flashes and sleeplessness I was having with my periods.
Saturday night I lay in bed in pain from constipation. It was radiating up my side so much I wondered if I was having heart issues! Sunday, with our chili dinner, I actually had pinto beans, something I have not eaten or wanted for months. I did poop some this morning, but still feel that hard lump in my intestines. I've been eating fruit and carrots, pushing the Vit C again, and had another bunch of beans with lunch. I'll be keeping them out again now, but may consider a few servings of black beans only during my periods, to keep things moving.
In addition, I'm having arthritis pain in my hand, a sore throat, clogged ear, and feel yeasty. And gained three pounds over the weekend.
I know for sure some things I have been doing wrong.
Too much animal fat. I'm going to go back to tossing the fat from meat I cook and cook with olive oil. As tasty as schmaltz and lard are, I really think they are the cause of the "Oooh, my heart" feeling I have on and off.
Too much sugar. I know that contributes to several of my issues. Going to bake NOTHING for a few weeks.
Letting too many grains creep back in. I've stayed gluten free but am eating too much rice/rice flour baked goods/ corn chips. I'm going to go back to limiting myself to a little rice maybe twice a week.

My focus is going to be to make the changes that eliminate my pain and discomfort, and trust that in the process those pounds will come back off. Here's hoping I'm back to good in a couple days!


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