Saturday, April 16, 2011

Parenting dangerously

My kids eat raw eggs.
In fact, from the time my kids could eat the ingredients in cookies, I let them eat raw dough. With eggs.
This is just one way I parent dangerously.
Food is a hot button issue, and  while I work assiduously to keep foods many consider standard out of our families diet, I also DO let them eat raw eggs. Unwashed berries they pick on walks.Dandelion greens from our yard. Ants.
With my oldest, I did the proper hippie mom thing when starting solids. I toasted organic brown rice in a cast iron skillet, ground it in a virgin grinder, and cooked it with my breast milk. He found it every bit as appetising as it sounds, and was soon eating from our plates.
My middle child's first solids came when we were at our then local produce mart, Cerbonne's, and she reached for a banana. They gave it to her, she ate it, and before the trip was over she had grabbed the similarly shaped jalapeno from a bin and scarfed that too. She loved it.
My youngest first solid food was ganache.

I let my kids climb trees, even though both my sons have broken arms in tree related instances (but only once, you'll note!) A few weeks ago Livi was in the tree in our front yard, when a woman who we had never seen before stopped her walk to cal up to her "You should get out of that tree. It's dangerous. You could fall and break something" Livi said, "I know, my brother broke his arm jumping from the tree two years ago". The woman gave me a disgusted look ( I presume for not making her get down) before moving on.
Oh, and unlike my husband, I DO let my kids hit each other with sticks (I try not to openly laugh at his belief that he can somehow stop them).

A few years ago, before the economy tanked, a great patch of greenbelt off the BPA trail was torn down to build some houses, which never got built. The pattern of hills has created a ravine where some unscrupulous people have started dumping larger trash. While out on a walk with the boys yesterday, they discovered a Little Tykes picnic table in that trash heap. They had a brilliant idea, pull it to the top of a hill, flip it upside down, and one would get on while the other pushed him down the hill. they entertained themselves quite a long time this way. With what they've done to the modern playground, they need to get their dangerous fun somewhere.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Krissy B. said...

Ha ha! I LOVE IT!
I try so hard not to let the modern way of thinking effect the way I raise my kids. If it didn’t kill me it sure will not kill them. Isn’t it just amazing at the difference that our live time spans? How when we were little eating the raw cookie dough was a regular. One girl’s night when you would have your friends over to do a sleep over that is what dessert was. Now your told don’t do it, it will make your kids sick. Ridiculous!
Thank you as always for your perspective on the world and parenting. All we can do is love our kids and show them how to love others. The path that was chosen for them before they were even born will be revealed in time. Kiss to you and yours my dear friend!

At 12:29 PM, Blogger gojirama said...

I know, I know! I have never known a single person who has gotten sick off cookie dough.


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