Wednesday, November 03, 2010

25 things about me

1  I LOATHE cooking. But I love to eat so I cook tasty things anyway.

2  When I do kickboxing workouts, I pretend I'm the Slayer. Not that I'm Buffy, but that *I* am the slayer.

3 The real reason I had my kids drug free is my intense fear of needles. 25 hours of unmedicated back labour ( and that was just the first one) was far better than a huge needle going into my back anyday.

4  The above is why I will probably never get a tattoo, even though I had one designed for me 12 years ago.

5  Because I'm hard of hearing in my left ear I prefer to communicate electronically than by phone.

6  Although we all know the good parents will listen to their kids' grievances, I don't have a lot of patience for the "he said, she said, LIAR LIAR LIAR" and I just won't listen to it.

7  I don't like poetry. Exceptt Gibran and Poe. Everything else, I would rather poke out my eyes than read.

8   I hate hate hate pro sports.

9  A good friend (male) keeps trying to get my boys to be interested in sports. I really need to firmly tell him we're HAPPY the kids are not so into sports.

10 I have never tried an illegal drug and am really not interested.

11 The list of things I would NOT give up for an iPhone is so short, I could count it all on one hand and have fingers left over. However the top one, being home with my kids, would be the one that creates a situation where I can' afford one.

12 I hate oatmeal, bananas, and raisins. I would only eat them to prevent my death by starvation.

13 I have a " thing" against Jetta drivers. Hope I didn't offend you.

14 I don't see why anyone would ever knit a sweater in pieces and sew it together. In the round rules!

15 I'm not sure how to rate my standards for what I let my kids read/watch. They are for sure looser than my husbands, in which case I will defer to his comfort level. I have friends that run the spectrum from very conservative to no censorship, and I probably fall at about the 70% toward liberal end.

16 I also loathe doing dishes. My family can attest as I "outsource" as much as I can through assigned chores, bribes, punishments or just being so busy outside the house on an evening I'm not there to do them. A working dishwasher is only second to an iPhone on the list of material things I want.

17 I can't keep powdered sugar in the house between birthdays or I will stress eat homemade chocolate frosting. It's like crack to me.

18 I consider the internet "cheaper than therapy" and use it in lieu of same.

19 I had an unpaid job as a rock concert photographer as a teenager. It came with a backstage pass. I was hit upon by Gene Simmons and Kip Winger, but was a good girl.

20 I started going grey at 17, and have dyed ever since. I do not plan to stop any decade soon!

21 I am a bit OCD about some things, like where the water pitcher gets set down. I will stop whatever I'm doing to "put things" right".

22 Right now I mostly think I look good. For the first time in my life. But not everyday.

23 Celebrity "crush"- Christopher Eccleston

24 Unless I am saying the Lord's Prayer, I will perform quite a bit in the way of verbal gymnastics to avoid referring to God in the masculine.
25 For #25, ask me anything I can answer, with the knowledge that two of my kids and many of the people I go to church with read here.


At 4:27 AM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

How did you meet the DM?

At 1:07 PM, Blogger gojirama said...

I was working at Kinkos, and so was his bet friend, His BF told him he had to see the cute girl who had just started. Many months later, we went to see the re-issue of Blade Runner and Geek Love was in the air.

At 8:13 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

So sweet.


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