Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Husband gratitude (because sometimes I forget)

Sunday, GothGrrl and the DM were doing laundry when she asked why I just put his laundry in a stack all week instead of putting it away from him. He told her he asked me to do it that why "because Mom has more important things to do than put away my laundry."
Last night he came home, gave me his Starbucks gold card and asked for mine. He told me to get drinks on his and he would load my card and get his drinks on it til I had reached Gold level.
Then, when we did cyber shopping later, he didn't say no to anything but the samurai sword handle umbrella I wanted to get a  friend who is a college student ( he's heard there have been issues with them).
Tonight, I'm making my chicken and black bean enchiladas at his request. A year ago he would have pouted at me making something he expected to be made with dairy, but lately, he's not only OK with that but asks for some of those dishes. He grates dairy for on top less too. It's so much easier to handle an allergy when you know your family no longer resents what foods you're "denying" them.

I love you, Honey!


At 6:52 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

Yay for the Dungeon Master!


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