Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost Boys : The Tribe

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with "Lost Boys" I watched it several times a week and could recite it the way I can recite Princess Bride. What was not to had Keifer Sutherland, both Coreys, the awesomest Doors song ever, and a buff shirtless guy playing a sax. And vampires. So when I read that a SEQUEL had been made, I was off to add it to my Netflix queue.This movie has Angus Sutherland, a Corey,a song by some group I have never heard of, and a shirtless guy playing a sax who really needed a muumuu. And vampires that made those in "30 Days of night " look like neat, polite eaters. They at least had the sense to include "Cry Little Sister" ( redone, of course) and some lines from the original about the death throes of vampires. As so often happens, the sequel epically failed to live up to the original.