Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bacon and the end of summer.

Matthew was making bacon this morning, and held out a spatula with a piece for me, right out of the pan, and instead of getting a plate I picked it up barehanded. I have blisters on my thumb and a finger. You can guess what my vegetarian daughter had to say about THAT.
We have been winding down our summer, getting in field trips and trips to the lake with friends. Of course, as long as weather holds, I plan to keep doing that after school starts, when the kids have finished their work. Incentive!
Tomorrow I get the joy of taking the kids to the Department of Licensing with me. Why? Because they are not open on weekends. My birthday is Thursday, so I need to get it done.
I have plans for Thursday, since it is a first Thursday. Seattle Asian Art Museum, Greenhouses, supper at Thai Heaven, Sci-Fi Museum. And, of course, cake.