Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This is Sept 1st?

It's raining. Andrew is thrilled, as it allows him to watch Gamera the Brave.
Less than a week until we start school, and as the alternative freeganizing type I am, this involves not shopping at Old Nave or Walmart but sorting through handmedowns, making pleas for free dance shoes, waiting for my Amazon and Rainbow Resource boxes to arrive,and dying Olivia's bob black. I am trying to finish the sweater I am making for myself (Tempting, by Jenna Adorno, from Knitty; hopefully in time for my birthday.
We are painting Olivia's room for what Brian says is the last time. I am sure there are couples that find committing acts of home improvement to be a warm fuzzy bonding experience, but that isn't the case here. Let me just say this: the redo was supposed to be Olivia's birthday present, and her birthday is in February. We didn't even pull out the paint during the heat wave last month. Today should be the last day we have to paint, or we may need marriage counseling.