Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I need to get the hang of Tuesdays

because today was NOT good.
First off I have to say a public thank you to Matthew. He did not drive me crazy today. He was helpful. Thank you.
Olivia and Andrew however....
Olivia has been doing well at getting her schoolwork done this year- she often gets up early, when Brian leaves for work, and starts working then. Unless there is some kind of essay writing involved, which has led to me highlighting those things on her weekly lesson plan sheets. She got most of her work done early ( good) but it seems she got bored while I was in the shower and she was at the table with Andrew. ( She did not HAVE to be at the table with Andrew).
Who, I must say, has done his schoolwork in a timely manner ONCE this year. Not that he can't do it, he doesn't want to.
And when I came out of the shower ( still in my bathrobe, mind) there were wads of wet paper all over. I didn't ask, just made them clean it all up and took away Doctor Who and game time.
I was all the more stressed because we had to get our for homeschool dance- both are in ballet and jazz, ( though Olivia wants to drop ballet and Andrew wants to drop jazz- I am making them tough it out at least until costume deposits are due, and hopefully they will not want to drop anything at that point). Andrew has tap tonight. So Tuesdays are pretty busy. I did not get any subjects I had to teach in today. Since I also don't on the two Weds I teach MOPS, I am stressing about that. There is just so much that needs to get done! I may have to start getting up earlier, by about an hour, on Tuesdays.
So I have already had chocolate twice, two walks, once alone and once with kids, and I am still feeling very stressed. I have told the younger two if they come in I am giving them more schoolwork- really, this is not the way you're supposed to feel when you choose to homeschool our kids, but I really need them to be not in my face right now. I know later I will be grateful once we get our weeks in order, and things are working.