Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My YA review for the month

I've read a few YA books this month, for various reasons

LoneStarMa sent me the book "Baby" by Patricia MacLachlan. Actually it's for the kids, but I read it first. The main character, Larkin, had recently lost a baby brother at birth. I put it where Boy Caesar will find it, it's wonderfully written.

Another is titled "Don't hurt Laurie" ( I have a small one on my lap and can't go look up the author). It's about a girl whi os being physically abused by her mother. I found the ending dissapointing- maybe this comes from the " abused kid who never saw justice" perspective, but after reading about this mother attacking her daughter with a knife and fireplace poker, I wanted to see her go to jail, not just get counseling.

Oh, and Harry Potter is evil. Not in the ways that conservatives tend to think...but after reading about all those Hogwarts breakfasts, I am totally craving bacon. Evil, I tell you.