Friday, August 05, 2005

On the line

I put up a clothesline last month, and have found hanging lundry to be very meditative. One thing I have meditated on is how radical an act this can be. Sure, I save a little money, but if time is money, it's not enough to justify it. But think about it. When you hang your clothes, you are utilising an alternate energy source, right in your backyard. It's an environmental statement. It's also rejecting the paradigm in our society that convenience is more important than doing what's best for the planet. That's always a radical statement. And when you are hanging not only the cloth diapers, but the mama cloth made from old diapers-that's truly challanging the paradigm.
And your clothes smell so much better to boot.


At 8:30 AM, Blogger kkr said...

I love clotheslines. They remind me of my grandmother, and taking life slowly, and the sun...they are very zen. The problem here is that your clothes would be covered with pollen. We live right in this ag. zone! Allergy hell! The valley of beautiful flowers and produce but the worst place to breathe and hang clothing!!! Ironic. Thinking of you. Claridad

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