Saturday, August 06, 2011

What not to do.

celebrate you lowest weigh in since that time you were sick last year and couldn't eat for 6 weeks going out for Mexican, including the biggest margarita I have ever seen
(NB, it was a casa margarita, and we stopped after the first bowl of chips, so...go us)
...try on swim suits
...decide to instead reward yourself with a microwavable facial waxing kit that you got for $5 Sharktopus
...actually read one of those weight charts, see why that trying on a swim suit thing was so disappointing AND that you have about twice as far to go than you had convinced yourself, which does not actually surprise you.
...and finish your day, or rather start the next day, by waxing your lip and brows in a steamy bathroom at midnight.

...celebrate that the previous night's indulgences do not have appeared to derail you, re-commit to your goals, and recognise that no matter how healthy the food you are eating, a 5'1@ woman needs to cut back a bit.


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