Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's all good

When some we know is in pain, we all have a way of lifting them up, according to our beliefs. Thoughts, prayers, vibes, candle lighting, pouring out libations on the ground.
And they are all good. Done in love, they are all good.
Yet sometimes we seem to be afraid to express what our beliefs lead us to do, as if we're afraid we may offend someone. As if loving people could be bad. As if it should matter what form another's thinking of you takes. If I am in need, I hope you'll share with me the ways you're lifting me up. Whether it's thoughts, vibes, prayers to whoever or whatever, lighting a candle, scattering herbs,  or poring out libations, I would want to know, as the diversity of ways I'm being loved will lift me up.
(I do recognise that there are good and bad ways to pray for a person going through a rough time. Say a person has cancer. Telling them "I'm praying you'll find God in case you die"is BAD. Telling them you're praying for a miraculous healing is JUST NOT HELPFUL. Simply saying "I'm praying for you" is GOOD. If you live nearby, ""I'm praying for you and bringing dinner on Tuesday" is BEST.)

It's like the whole not wishing people a happy any holiday. Wishing another a good day when we're celebrating should never be fraught with worry. I remember a wonderful thing an atheist friend once told me; "I'm never offended if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, or any other religious holiday. As long as they're saying it with goodwill, I accept is as such and wish them the same. And then go on to have a good day."
Would that we could all accept others' goodwill this way.


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