Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forging Identity

Yesterday, as Livi headed out with her suicide blond hair and hand crocheted devil tail pinned to her skull and crossbones skirt, Matthew commented, "She looks like a dork with her hair and her pseudo goth clothes."
I told him to be nice (of course) and then went on to explain that her hair, her style, and her insistence she be called Livi instead of Olivia are all age appropriate ways she's trying to forge an identity separate from that of her parents.
"So, is it lost on her that you used to be goth, you never go more than a few weeks without touching up your roots, and you hated the name you were given so much you had it legally changed?"
"That's an irony we just don't have to share with her."

And while I have your attention- on Easter, as Matthew and I drove home from church together, he said "You know what's weird? I was looking through our 2002 calendar and right now you look a few years younger than you did then." <3


At 4:23 AM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

You are a hot mama. And Livi is adorable.


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