Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear World (a few little pet peeves)

Dear World,
Just because I am an "at home" (insert insane laughter) mom, I do not have some amazing wellspring of free time that those of you with a "real" ( more insane laughter) don't have. I don't. I just don't. I do things like knitting, watching TV, reading novels and making homemade cakes when you do- after supper chores, or even after the kids are in bed.

People like myself, who eschew frivolity and will never really "cut loose", do not have something wrong with us that needs an intervention. We are HAPPY being the humourless drudges that we are and despite what books, TV, and movies tell you, are not just waiting for someone to come along and set our inner children free.

Please do not confuse lactose intolerance for vegetarianism. This usually results in food I can't eat.