Thursday, March 05, 2009

Never enough time!

Time is such a precious commodity right now! There's taking care of myself- about an hour a day to exercise and shower. Schoolwork with the kids. Between the two, I don't have a single moment to spare from the time I finish my coffee to the time I sit down for lunch. Then there is work; it's Lent, so more work ( not that I am complaining about THAT; more work is teh YAY!). MMM, and Starfleet stuff; I need to come up with a cadet protocal thang by next Sunday (Help, anyone?) and get some reviews and a cadet liason report written much sooner than that.
And, and, and good friend thinks I really need to write a book. It's on a subject I am well suited to write on ( living better for less) and timely enough that if I put it off for two years, it wouldn't sell. But in what time? Maybe if I had a working laptop, or didn't need so much damn sleep....