Friday, February 22, 2008

On the line, again

So here it is, February, and I hung up the laundry today. I think this is a record. if I look for a silver lining- and sometimes one must as an antidote to curling up in a ball and giving up-as we increase global warming by using up our our fossil feuls, we'll have to use less energy heating our homes and drying our clothes.
In the midst of this I made a mad purge of HRH's closet, and did something I hope will help her laundry situation-I declared her dress up bin no more, and she now has to wash, dry,and hang her dress up.Why would I inflict such cruelty on my child? Simple- I was sick of going in and finding her laundry- that which wasn't on the floor- thrown at her dress up bin. It had to stop.