Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some Homeschool geekiness

Tuesday HRH had as one of her missed spelling words spread. As usual, she then had to write it 8X each ( one for each year of her age). She started in the expected manner, but by # 8 she was writing Sigma Pi Rho Epsilon Alpha Delta. I asked her why she decided to do that and she shrugged and said, "I don't know, it just started turning Greek"
We also were studying the Dutch settling New Amsterdam and building the Broad Way. i asked them what they knew about the modern Broadway and The Boy said "You can't succeed there if you don't have any Jews?" (Spamalot!)
I have also discovered that Turbo can do written addition probelms, and get them right!!!

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At 2:39 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

OMG hi-five to The Boy! Love it!

Goody Scrivener
(and hopefully this time I used the right account...)

At 8:42 AM, Blogger gojirama said...

LOL! I think you did!!

At 8:47 AM, Blogger gojirama said...

Hey, BTW, neither of the blog addresses I have for you work?

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

That is TOO COOL. You are one hell of a teacher!

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

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At 8:18 AM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

Sorry - double post!

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