Monday, May 19, 2014

The year turns, life turns

The year has started winding up for us. As seems to happen almost every year at this point, some endings were final, and lead to new phases in life. My youngest has finished Greek for the year, although most of his subjects will be worked on until the end. He's had his last performance with the children's vocal choir, last day of children's Sunday School, and last polishing with the children's bell choir. Next year, he is on to confirmation and youth activities.

My daughter has taken her last ever confirmation test. She's an essay, a catechization, and a few months waiting from being an adult member of our church. She's finishing math and history for the year this week.

My eldest is finishing up his first year on the Youth leadership team and in community college. My mind boggles at this!

My best friend's son is moving away for good tomorrow, and we realise that will be happening to us, too. My husband and I spoke this weekend about how we need to get back into the habit of working on the yard together again, as our indentured servitude will start leaving before we know it.


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