Monday, July 11, 2011

What rocks about having a goth child

During my teens and most of my  adulthood, one of the style playgrounds I loved to play on was Goth. I don't call myself Goth because I like other style playgrounds the mood or situation inspires me.
This is a good thing for my middle child and only daughter.
I clearly remember the day she made a complete 360 and embraced her gothness. At the time she was 9, and still into the pink frilly princessy stuff she had been into since she could walk and point- My Little Ponies, Disney princesses, and princess gowns. We had gone on a yard sale walk on a sunny Saturday, just the two of us. We came upon a moving sale with a pile of Halloween tchothchkes. The girl wanted them, and she was offered the bag for a dollar. Given that she has a tiny room in a small house, I asked her what she was going to get rid of to have all that stuff. Without reservation she replied, "My bin of Ponies!"
Over the next month, the Ponies weren't the only thing to go. Princesses, pink dresses, it all went, replaced over the course of that yard sale summer with black clothes and old Halloween decorations.
She's 12 now, more goth than ever, and we're still having fun with it.

So now, for the skeptical, who want to know why a parent should ever encourage their child in being Goth; who think that their Goth child will be evil, depressed, and prone to suicide, I'll tell you why. (By the way, the latter part of that sentence represents the very silliest of thinking)

Most importantly, sunscreen
While other kids are out tanning, your gothling will be in the shade, slathered in sunscreen, trying to be as pale as possible (As you can see, my babybat just got the wrong genes for that). Isn't it nice knowing you kid won't be prone to melanoma?

It goes with everything.
If you've ever seen your kid emerge from their room in the morning and have to bite back a "Did you dress in the dark, with your eyes closed?" you'll appreciate this.

Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana
I DARE you to find a gothling that listens to them!

Gift giving made easy
I, and a couple of family friends, know the best day of the year to buy my gothling's Christmas and birthday presents. November 1st, the day all the Halloween stuff goes on sale for 70% off (take note). If you miss that, and you get an invite to a Goth kid's birthday party, go grab a few jars of black nail polish. Trust me, it's a sure thing.

Classic Literature
How many kids will choose to get collections of Poe from the library to read over the summer? Your babybat will, and if you're awesomely lucky she'll decide to translate The Raven into Latin.

Also Most Importantly
Your kid needs your love, acceptance, and the ability to try on different personas in a safe way. You, the parent, are the one who needs to provide that. I DO believe investing in some black nail polish and crushed velvet (or whatever it is your kid wants to enjoy) now will benefit your life long relationship, and maybe keep them from going out and going wild as older teens and adults because they had no chance to explore who they are at home. Give them this gift. Let your kid pick your clothes sometimes, and bond with them.


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