Monday, June 13, 2011

And on the subject of speaking a language the other can understand...

Last Friday was the anniversary of The Boy's best friend's dad and step mom. This is my best guy friend, the older brother I never had. We hosted his son overnight so they could enjoy their evening with no worries. When he picked up Saturday, he told us about the time they had, including the rather expensive flowers he had delivered to her office. Sunday, we were all talking before the service. It seems it was The Girlfriend's birthday ( The Boy's girlfriend, that is) and I asked him what he had gotten her. He said that her sister told him just to make her a card. Incredulous looks. Really, son? This got the step mom and I talking about what gifts we do and don't like. Some of you know that earlier this year I told my husband to stop wasting money on flowers for me and get me things that are if not practical, at least something I can eat or knit up (I got $40 of Theo chocolate for Valentine's Day so...score) . She was saying that she wished she could get her husband to stop wasting money on flowers also, and start buying her kitchen tools.  It was at this point of our conversation that my guy friend wandered back over, and asked for a recap.
Guy "But she loves flowers! She works in an office so those big bouquets give her bragging rights! All her office mates know what a thoughtful and generous husband she has!"
Me "But, were you listening? that's not what she just said. Maybe you should have a Kitchen Aid delivered to her office."
Guy "But then everyone will think she has a  demanding husband that expects her to cook."
Me "Are these flowers for her, or to make you look good?"
No answer.
He really didn't believe me when I told him the best Valentine's Day present the Dungeon Master ever got me was a set of 10 pound hand weights. I use them almost every day, and I can't say that about any other V day present.
Today, I suggested to The Boy he look for presents for The Girlfriend. he thought all the ides his sister and I came up with - nail polish, earrings, a cute bracelet...were stupid. After being told that no, buying her present at the comic store was not a good idea, he decided on...some Theo. I guess he's still young enough to learn.

Now, I think it's kind of funny that this happened before I heard Pastor John's message about speaking to the world in a language in a language it can understand. I think couples may need to master that first.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

Yes. I would like someone to come give my spouse lessons....

At 11:02 AM, Blogger AisforRandom said...

I love flowers! They're not useless they're beautiful and fragrant and make the house look special. But you know, to each her own


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