Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yo ho, yo ho... (SPOILERIFIC!)

Yesterday DH calls me at 2:40 and asks if we want to go to the 3:30 showing of Pirates 3. I hem and haw a wee bit as we have guests- he then tells me , "Say yes, I've already got tickets" Squeeee! So I bid my guests farewell, make myself piraty, and load kids into the van to meet up at the theater. We even got through the 3 hour movie with only one potty break!


Definately bigger on effects than plot, but we thought it was a whole lot of fun. The 4 year old was dissapointed by the lack of giant sea monsters. (We won't go into what it says about my parenting that my kids were *not* disturbed by a movie that starts with a mass execution). And was that the best wedding in a movie, or what?

(Thanks to abovementioned potty break, I still don't know how Jack got the Black Pearl to the shore)