Friday, May 18, 2007

So here we are, on the second day of me trying to be more relaxed. The boy woke up late and not feeling well, which happens often enough that I begin to worry ( and this was the year I planned to skip well-childs).He has been sleeping a lot. Of course I go nuts, worrying on the one hand that it may be some fatal disease, on the other that it might be mental illness. I may have to get this checked out.
What was cool was that he came out and asked what he had for shcoolwork. He wanted to play GameBoy, and did not see himself doing so with his schoolwork undone. I love this kind of responsibility. I feel "unfinished" because we didn't do any history or Latin, but I remind myself-relaxing! and the kids did get 5 subjects done each. We worked on letters for our retiring pastor, and they did great jobs. Now I am making chocolate chip banana bread for said celebration.