Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In which I rate the Star Trek Movies

ST: The Motion Picture - One of the most pointless movies ever made. "hey, remember that great episode with Nomad? well, what if the Voyager probe went nuts.
ST II: The Wrath of Khan - One of my top 3, even though it gave me a life long severe earwig phobia
ST III: The most memeorable thing about this movie for me is that when I was a kid, I won tickets on the radio for a preview showing 3 days before it came out. the day it officially premired there was a costume contect and a friend make me a "kid Spock burial robe" costume (complete with custom fit fabric ears and lo, I also won the costume contest.
ST IV: The Voyage Home - I love it. It was funny, and I remeember more lines from this film than any other.
ST V: The Final Frontier - I can only say..."Gah! Hurts my brain!"
ST VI: The Undiscovered Country - Highly enjoyable, love Chang and the tie ins with Worf.
ST: Generations -Another top 3. A great segue from TOS to TNG moviesST:
First Contact - Love it.The movie's Zefram Cochrane is much for enjoyable than the TOS one. Forever changed my emotional reaction to "Magic Carpet Ride"
ST: Insurrection - I like it more than some folks do.
ST: Nemesis - This sucks as much Final Frontier.