Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Finding out

This may take a while.
But getting it all written down is so important.

It was Saturday afternnon when I first became concerned that I had not felt the baby move in some time. By 9 o clock, after I had had a big glass of juice and a bath, I was sure something was wrong. I called the midwife and she said I could go to the ER if I wanted to, but either everything was all right or, or it wasn't, we could not do anything. After waking up and talking with my husband, I decided we would go the next day after church.

When I got home with the older two, Hubby and TurboSport were ready to go. We went to the midwife's, saying little on the long drive. She turned on the ultrasound- no heartbeat. Doppler- none. She hugged us and we cried.

Then the midwife went to make some phone calls. We got ready to go. I called a freind in my church, and Hubby called our neighbor to come be with the kids. Then we got in the van and headed to the hospital, for the hardest night of our lives.


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