Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ballerina Girl

Today was "Watch Day" in HRH Princess Olivia's ballet class- the day, once a month, when we parents get to stay and watch our children's lesson. Olivia wanted her daddy to go, but I made the case that as I pay for all the classes, I should occasionally get to see what I'm paying for.
Her class is a rainbow, little gilr of every color united in a sisterhood of pink dance dresses and organze shrunchies, Danskin tights and Capezio shoes. They are all beautiful, all graceful.
Dance is not just a hobby for her, it is a passion. She plans to dance professionally someday. I try to be supportive with a dash of realism thrown in..."maybe you'll be a dance teacher ". In my own biased opinion, she is good. In my friend's somewhat less biased opinion, "With proper training, she could be the next Anna Pavlova".
All I know is that for now, dance brings her joy. Dance is something she can give her whole attention too. And she is a beauty to behold.
Last week, I stopped in the dance store to get her a pink velour dance sweater for Christmas. A young lady was there with her mom, maybe 11 or 12, getting fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes. I found myself getting teary, thinking, hoping that maybe someday she will sit there.