Monday, November 08, 2004

My new maternity pants

A few days ago, when I realised I only had two pairs of everyday maternity pants, I figured I should probably buy myself another pair. So after dance class, Fairy Princess and I headed to the secondhand kids resale store. I found a cute pair for only 7 dollars, in size medium. But when I tried them on, they were too tight. And I am only 4 1/2 months along. And I am thinking, "What the bleep, I am NOT a large". But it was a pair of large that fit, and luckily they were also 7 dollars, not to mention cute and funky. So while we were there, Fairy Princess finds a pair of thights she wants, for $2.
The crazy thing is, I had a much harder time justifying the pants for myself than the tights for her. Why is that? Is it the "self sacrifying mother" syndrome that our society instills in us from our girl hood?

And what about shrinking maternity clothes? Is it not very wrong that women who are growing little humans should worry about fitting into their pants before their baby is half cooked? All I can do is wear vmy size L jeans and my big belly proudly, and fight the message.