Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Real Job

There's a somewhat irreverant j0ke, where we are told that Jesus must have really been a woman, because even after he was dead he still had to get up and keep working. Sounds, in fact,like a mother.
I am a stay at home, homeschooling mother with a part time paid job. On any given day- today, for example- I may wash, dry and fold three loads of laundry, teach my 7 year old on a variety of subjects, including the fall of the Spartans, subtracting three digit numbers with borrowing, mapping endangered species, teaching the 5 year old beginning addition and simple reading- while keeping the 2 year old out of the oven , off the counters, and off the table while fielding a call from work about the best time to clean the church nursery.

Later I will make lunch, direct the 7 year old on doing the dishes, the 5 year old on sweeping, while keeping the 2 year old from...see above. I will take out and turn the compost, make sure the kids fold and put away their laundry and clean their rooms, vaccuum and sweep the entire house, make a quiche ( from scratch) and banana bread (also...), collect the last of the apples from my neighbors tree, take the kids for a walk, lesson plan, make a grocery list, break up fights, praise art projects......
All while building a little human from my own body.
And then I am told I don't have a real job.