Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Evening drive conversations with my kids

The Police's "Roxanne" comes on the radio
11 year old: "I've never understood this song."
14 year old: "It's about a prostitute."
Me : "and the man is in love with her and wants to take her away from it...kind of paternalistic, don;t you think?"
16 year old;" I think the general assumption is that people don't go into prostitution if they have a choice."
11 year old: "You know what Halo and Star Trek have in common?"

Geek sibling trash talk: "You will never be a Spartan, you didn't get into Hogwarts, and you don't have what it takes for Battle School."

11 year old: "But why is Greece having a financial crisis?"
16 year old: "They didn't sell enough of that fancy yogurt."


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