Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Things to do this month

And yes, this post is a bit of a space filler as I have not gotten up the energy to blog lately.

-Make double sure Turbo's lesson plan schedule for the next school year is complete, and print it

-Wait for a letter from the school or the arts OR decide at what point I will stop waiting and plan curricula for the girl next year. Next year, unless she gets into SOTA, I will be flying solo with her so if I have to stagger the start of subjects I can.

-Pray the district will consider the homeschool Running Start teen enrolled enough to qualify for lunch so we don't have to pay for his college text books. Failing that, buy books.

-Finish both a our deal a meal scheme (that's another post all on it's own!)  and standard printed shopping list. This year looks to be even BUSIER than previous ones, at least in some ways, so I *really* need to be able to put less thought into these things.

-Confirm my MOPS work schedule for next year...which may just be doubled or tripled!

-Get at least the body done on this commission sweater.

-Bring the following blog posts to you:

     -Taking Kids to Conventions

     - Boycotts (in progress)

     -Why I Love Organized Religion (in progress)

     -Why I won't Share Your Political action or Give Money to Your Cause

     I also need to design and start knitting a Wonder Woman pullover for the girl. Sh!


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