Thursday, October 25, 2007

Show busy

And not just driving two kids to two different dance schools: a week and a half ago I went to see Spamalot. Even itthough I was sad at first that Tim Curry and Alan Tudyk were not in, I can only describe it as absolutely fantabulous. If I had the money, I would see it ten times!

This Saturday I will be taking HRH The Fae Princess to International Ballet Theatre's interpretation of Dracula. There is no combination more perfect for my little dancing gothlet.

I'm almost to the toe of The Dungeon Master's first sock. I figured out the heel turning thing just fine- squee!

Yesterday I allowed myself a trim- my first since April 2006- and this morning covered my gray. I have gotten rid of a few of my baggy, unflattering clothes items. Maybe if I start acting and dressing pretty, I'll fell batter about myself. Maybe.

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